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It’s time for you to take care of yourself, Mama.

I’m Victoria, and just like you, I wear many hats. I am an author, entrepreneur, and digital product creator. I am also a military wife, mom, sister, and friend. Many times I get so caught up in everything going on around me, that I forget to take care of myself.

From homemaker and caretaker by day to a Girl Boss and side-hustler by night, women have the strength to do it all. Problem is, many of us are doing it all at the expense of our own personal wellness. I write to encourage women to make themselves a priority while managing their life well.

Whether you want to become more productive, manage your time better, or build your own business, I’m here to help you.

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What I Do

I write to encourage and motivate other women to follow their dreams as they take care of their home, families, and marriages. I believe through time management, self-care, and lots of laughter, you can live your best life. Whatever that means to you, you can live a life fulfilled. 

If you want to keep up with me, you can catch me over at my personal blog, Sincerely, Victoria T where I share lifestyle and family tips for hard-working stay-at-home moms. I am also the Creator and Writer behind Quiet Time with Jesus, my Christian Lifestyle bog. Visit me over on my other site as I share my spiritual journey and how having a relationship with Jesus Christ plays such a big role in my life. Want business advice and tips? Find me on my business website Mommy Builds A Business. Need inspiration and encouragement? You can Buy My Books on Amazon here.

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How I Help

As a mom, you wear many hats. You have to manage life while taking care of everyone and everything around you. You can cook dinner, wash laundry, and help your kids with homework – all at the same time. Although everyone depends on you, let’s not forget that you need to take care of you. You have your own gifts, talents, and goals you want to achieve in life. I’m here to remind you that you don’t have to give up on your dreams just because you are a Mom. In fact, you already have what it takes to succeed. 


provide everyday solutions to help manage your time, organize your life, and be productive to preserve your time and energy.


I teach the importance of taking care of yourself from the inside out. From mental wellness to physical health, self-care is the foundation of your success.


I provide ongoing encouragement, motivation, and accountability to help you take action to live a life you can be proud of.


I teach the steps and processes it takes to start, manage, and run a successful blog or online business.

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Helping You Use Your Skills to Build an Online Business

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Now is the time

Make Your Own Opportunities

Thanks to the internet, women of all ages and stages of life can hire themselves and become entrepreneurs. No matter what you are good at, the possibilities to accomplish your goals are endless Women want to chase their dream, while having the flexibility take care of their other responsibilities. I understand because just like you, this is my story. If this sounds like you, I can help you get started today. 

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